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CNTUS AEGIS is an engineering company specialized in painting facilities, paint factory consulting and plant facilities, and is ready to take a leap into the world market based on accumulated technology and confidence both home and abroad.

Our company and the competitive power we get from limitless changes and unstinted investment in development of new technology, and our focus on business performance capability improvement such as the construction of an efficient knowledge management system, continuous cost reductions and radical reform, and with these management renovation activities, aims at becoming an engineering company with the highest competitive power.

Our company has acquired various international certification such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with merits including design, purchase and construction, development of environment friendly products and goods production based on a quality guarantee system, and all management resources are concentrated to establish more efficient and convenient service systems to supply the best products and services.

In particular, in order to actively respond to a rapidly changing management environment and to continue to develop, our company will stand with a new vision, and will set up and progress with the acquisition of the best level of quality, the promotion of continuous operation renovation and global organization capabilities reinforcement as a medium range and long range strategic direction.

In order to acquire the best level of competitive power in the future, CNTUS AEGIS will make every effort to renovate technology, and will expand research and development investment for digging out promising new businesses, will convert business structure into high technology products with a high amount of added value, and will expand field investment businesses abroad and will continue to promote cooperative businesses with advanced companies to be a partner, consolidating our position as an advanced company.